Aquarion Anime/Manga – Wallpaper

27 03 2011


aquarion anime wallpaper

aquarion anime wallpaper

A new Anime I am currently watching its great!! , it is a little on the old mecha side of it. All in all its great and I highly recommend it.


Fullmetal Alchemist Opening 4

21 03 2011

Fullmetal Alchemist Opening 4

These days its been all about the talk of fullmetal brotherhood!! Here`s there opening four that was wanted to be shared with you guys!! enjoy!


Cosplay – Final Fantasy XIII Trio

4 03 2011

Here`s a cosplay from Anime News Network , There the Final Fantasy XIII Trio. Enjoy!

Final Fantasy Trio

Final Fantasy Trio

Pokemon Wallpaper- Mod

2 03 2011

Pokemon photoshop

Pokemon wallpaper

Look at this wallpaper… its amazing how they can create this stuff and understand how to mix the colors together. What do you guys think?

Ghost in the Shell – Xi Avant

26 02 2011

SAC’s Kamiyama Makes

There making a new Short Anime called “Xi Avant” The storyline takes mostly in spain.

Kamiyama showed his new project during a preview screening of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society in Tokyo late Friday night or so. Everyone was excited in the new project and wanted to hear more about it.

Ghost in the shell

Ghost in the shell - Opening

They have more imformation about it at Studio Xi

The anime will be premiered along with SSS 3D movie. They will be selling tickets soon as well and there are already a large amount of anime lovers , as fans of it. It will be airing in theaters on March 26.

Exist trace – ambivalence

25 02 2011

They are playing hard , for being girls! there sound is great and I enjoyed this music I hope you guys enjoy it just as much as I do.

exist trace- ambivalence (Romaji+English)

SuG – Dot

21 02 2011

Really enjoyed this song , From SuG and they became one of my favorite  jrock bands so far check it out!

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