DeadMan Wonderland – Trailer (short)

4 07 2011

Here is the trailer to “DeadMan Wonderland, I have personally started this Anime and loved it from the start. It really knows how to put you into the show, and the emotions that goes with it and all. It takes the main character and puts him in a situation that people would only dream about that could happen to them. The amount of blood that is used in this Anime is out of this world. They use the blood as a weapon and everything.

Deadman Wonderland Manga ,  Anime

Anime and Manga Deadman wonderland


Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: The Conqueror Of Shamballa Movie

8 05 2011

Animenode, sore o shinjite watashi no jinseidesu

FMA New Movie

The Conqueror Of Shamballa

Here is the New Anime Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Movie that is going to be coming out very soon, in this summer 2011. We are extremely excited for this to come out and can not wait until we get our hands on it. We hope you guys are just as excited as we are. This Anime/Manga is going to be viewed more and more due to this New Movie.

Matt and Mello Cosplay – Crossplay

24 04 2011

Death Note Cosplay

Matt and Mello Cosplay

Here`s a Cosplay of both Matt and Mello cosplay or to be more accurate cross-playing as these character`s. I hope you enjoy this Image of them cosplaying as much as I did. They really went all out to get this picture all exact and everything. Very impressed with what is going on and everything. There will be more cosplay pictures of them over at Animelovers411 Life Connection . Enjoy both blogs, the other one is updated more often then this one as well. 

Aquarion Anime/Manga – Wallpaper

27 03 2011


aquarion anime wallpaper

aquarion anime wallpaper

A new Anime I am currently watching its great!! , it is a little on the old mecha side of it. All in all its great and I highly recommend it.

Ghost in the Shell – Xi Avant

26 02 2011

SAC’s Kamiyama Makes

There making a new Short Anime called “Xi Avant” The storyline takes mostly in spain.

Kamiyama showed his new project during a preview screening of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society in Tokyo late Friday night or so. Everyone was excited in the new project and wanted to hear more about it.

Ghost in the shell

Ghost in the shell - Opening

They have more imformation about it at Studio Xi

The anime will be premiered along with SSS 3D movie. They will be selling tickets soon as well and there are already a large amount of anime lovers , as fans of it. It will be airing in theaters on March 26.

Animelovers411 View the Blog – Event

21 01 2011

Animelovers411 is having an Event taking place on this blog it self.  We thank you all for who has taken time out of there Busy day and came to this event for the Event of a life time.This was a Facebook Event!!


Animelovers411 View The Blog

Animelovers411 Facebook Event - View The Blog

What is this Event?

Some people might be saying what is this event and what do I gain from coming to this thing? well this event is an Anime celebration, We as a company want to make history and make it a day to remember. We want to look back at our statics and say “that was one successful day… the View the Blog – event was a complete success” We want to get our views up , and higher than ever during this year! So what do you guys gain from this,  well one thing is a never before seen  Anime Wallpaper , and on top of that you gain a place to be updated to the news on the latest Anime and Manga.

Animelovers411 Thanks you for coming to this Event we hope you enjoy this blog as much as you can.

Animelovers411 Shopping Center – has been a big help to us with making this event come alive, and become something. We thank you , Also we want to say thank you to Animelovers411 connection all the members there for there support!

Come and join our Forum!! Animelovers411 Connection

Now for the big thank you!!! We thank Every signal Person who has came from Facebook,!!! Who has heard it through facebook , and Who has shared it and told there friends about it through Facebook!! we could have not done with out you guys!!! so Thank you!! facebook!! and Facebook friends!!! (Anime lovers!!! we love you)

An Animelovers411 Gift to all you guys!!

21 01 2011

Here`s a gift for all of you guys That are attending this Event – View the Blog !!! this is our thank you by giving you a never seen before wallpaper!!(thank you Facebook members for attending now enjoy this wallpaper!! , you can make it your desktop , or background of your moblie devices , to Xbox systems. It`s for you guys so enjoy it thank you so much for letting this event become such a success)

Animelovers411 Anime Wallpaper

Animelovers411 Wallpaper - For you guys!


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