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23 01 2011

Here are a few Fanart wallpaper`s and Images that were drawn from a Girl that has a great amount of skill with the pencil. These drawings are out of these world when it comes down to the support and hard work that is being put into them. These Artist was asked if they wanted to be publicly announced and named. Her name is Jay Tee , and she is a artist at work she has a  Facebook Account so that you can talk to her and get to know her. she is close personal friends with me and I hope she goes far. She also wanted everyone to know that

“She LOVES Inuyasha!” – Jay Tee

This artist is also an Animelover , and supports Animelovers411 the company , and Animelovers411 Connection (the forum). She stays up to date with this blog and is on facebook constantly.

Enjoy more Drawing from her and other artist`s with the Fanart section this blog. Enjoy everyone!


Fanart – Misora Hoshimi

12 01 2011


 Misora Hoshimi

Misora Hoshimi - Fanart Wallpaper

Here`s a Fanart piece that was given permission to be used as a Fanart post on Animelovers411 The blog. This drawing was very well done , And I am personally friends with this individual who has completely shown us that hard work pays off. This person took there time in making this fanart because of there passion for Anime and there drive and inspiration of drawing.  here`s a quote from them:

“This is what i drew. This is just a close up view of Misora Hoshimi. Uhh…. i wont say much about it but her eyes now r red with light blue hair. She still has blue eyes in the beginning of the story and allz, but sumthin happened. I wont say wht  so yea. I made her in lolita clothes. Hope ya like. I’ll put up the full view now”

This Drawer is a very nice person , and when it comes down to it , They can draw Anime and manga. We hope that Animelovers411 Can help the Drawing Community and inspirer people like how this individual did. here`s the persons link to other fanart drawings. Enjoy and Thank you

Fanart – Mushi-shi (Anime/Manga)

1 01 2011


mushi - shi fanart!

Here`s a fanart drawing that was also giving to us through facebook this time and we are very thankful for that. This artwork was drawn with some time and took enough of it all together. This fanart was to show that , if you really love anime you should try drawing it once in a while. The look of this character with his stare focused is showing how anime character are strong and confident. Thank you so much for the Fanart and I hope you keep drawing Anime! Thank you!

Fanart – Inyuasha (Anime/Manga)

1 01 2011


Inuyasha- fanart

inuyasha fanart! drawing

Thank you so much for sending us this drawing of yours, You have lots of skill , with these Drawings. In fact your currently encouraging me to draw.Inuyasha is a very action fulled anime/manga and you can see that in the drawing , great job showing the emotions of the character and all as well.Thank you again for your fanart and time!! enjoy!

Fanart – Pokemon (Manga)

31 12 2010

Pokemon, Fanart
Pokemon – Fanart


Here is our first Anime/Manga Fanart that was sent to us, via email. We thank you so much for sending this to us, and we hope that this inspires you to keep drawing and to enjoy it as much as you can. It shows that you have talent and that you can go very far with your artwork. Keep the good work up and never give up!

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