I’m a worker for the company called animelovers411 , I was put in charge to make a blog and support the anime community , I am a huge anime fan and animelover myself. Im a type of guy who enjoys to sit back and watch anime all day , sometimes I can and Sometimes I cant. A also have a yahoo messgner lee.tony93 is my username , my email is lee.tony93@yahoo.com add me IM me , anything I am always up for meeting new people

  • Thank you

I personally love Anime, if you ever add me on facebook (tony lee) ill most likely to talk to you about the newest anime Im currently watching, or the Newest thing thats going on with the blog, or Animelovers411 connection (the forum) or so on. I love meeting new people , like the ones who love anime as much as I do. Some anime`s I enjoy are romance anime`s as well as all the popular ones such as Naruto, Bleach, Deathnote, and Fullmetal. Some of the romance ones are Shuffle , Rumbling Hearts , Girls high and more.I love posting on forums they are so fun, but Animelovers411 Connection keeps me updated the most and I use that Forum more than most.


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22 06 2010

Hey! Added you on yahoo messenger as well. Question: does the Animelovers411 forum belong to you also? I’ll register there as well. What’s your nickname there? Oh! I’ll also add the link to the forum on my blog. It looks cool! 😀

5 01 2011

I have a small complaint. I don’t like the fact that it is full of deathnote and naruto. You should expand adding other mangas and animes that other people like such as Shojo manga. or Tokyo Pop

6 01 2011

Thank you for your feedback and your completely right I will get on that as soon as I can

5 01 2011
Winnifred Artemis

Really cool site!
It’s really great to get to know people from all around the worls that have the same intrests as me^^
I’ll follow this blog XD

I’m adding you on face^^

(Founder of AnimeFanGirls.wordpress.com)

6 01 2011

Thank you and ill follow your blog too lately I’ve been really sick but I’m getting better thank you for following me and ill add you on Facebook

24 02 2011

Hello~ I’ve added you to Shinkai Summit Blogroll 😀
Sorry it took so long for my response. I got so busy ^^;

24 02 2011

hey! Thank you sooo much and its ok we all have been I love shinkai Summit great place!

4 04 2011

Hey it’s Kaylah 😀 I think your blog is awesome and I will definitely visit it more often! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to it!

18 05 2011

Hey, nice blog. I added you on my blogroll 🙂

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