Hatsune Miku – Cosplay/Wallpaper Character

28 01 2011

Cosplay Wallpaper

Cospla Anime Wallpaper

She`s a Female Character That was made up for  Crypton Future Media.There`s a Vocaloid 2 speech synthesis engine from Yamaha that she represents The pitch of the samples was to be altered by the synthesizer engine itself and was constructed into a keyboard style instrument within the Vocaloid 2 program.

Anime/Manga Wallpaper

Hatsune Miku

During developers of the company decided to take a different approach to the one used by the English company Zero-G who had also been releasing Vocaloids  and using the original Vocaloid engine. This was to increase the change in the product and the characteristics all together.




One response

28 01 2011
Mourning Daily

On 12-15-2010 I Posted A Blog With A Video About Her.

( 3-D Hologram Singer – Hatsune Miku Is Taking Over The Music World! )



Her Concert Is Really Neat To Look At. As Long As They Keep Some Form Of Human Element On Stage Or Live Music….

Otherwise, It Just Neat Movie To Watch On Stage.

All In All, I Think Her Concerts Would Be Worth Going To.


Thank you For putting Up Some More Information About The Character.

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