Trigun – The Visuals are a little old?

26 01 2011

Gosh, how I love my trigun! everyone remember it? its completely an older anime compared to this generation and all. Anyways , you probably couldn’t have watched Trigun reruns a million times on Cartoon Network. Has Trigun aged well or what guys? I believe that the visuals haven’t.I mean look at them! They look like a classical anime and compared to times now they look updated but hey! the anime is still out standing right?

Anime wallpaper - trigun

Anime wallpaper - Trigun

It’s hard to get over first impressions, and I could never get over my first impression of Vash the Stampede. I mean he was awesome at what he did and half the time he looked like he was just following around! what! and awesome character if you ask me. He knew how to have fun and how to get across to the anime lovers like me! whose not really a serious type and all. Remember every one the Voice actor is Johnny young Bosch.

Our  Source: Trigun`s lastest News , Anime News Network Trigun




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