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21 01 2011

Animelovers411 is having an Event taking place on this blog it self.  We thank you all for who has taken time out of there Busy day and came to this event for the Event of a life time.This was a Facebook Event!!


Animelovers411 View The Blog

Animelovers411 Facebook Event - View The Blog

What is this Event?

Some people might be saying what is this event and what do I gain from coming to this thing? well this event is an Anime celebration, We as a company want to make history and make it a day to remember. We want to look back at our statics and say “that was one successful day… the View the Blog – event was a complete success” We want to get our views up , and higher than ever during this year! So what do you guys gain from this,  well one thing is a never before seen  Anime Wallpaper , and on top of that you gain a place to be updated to the news on the latest Anime and Manga.

Animelovers411 Thanks you for coming to this Event we hope you enjoy this blog as much as you can.

Animelovers411 Shopping Center – has been a big help to us with making this event come alive, and become something. We thank you , Also we want to say thank you to Animelovers411 connection all the members there for there support!

Come and join our Forum!! Animelovers411 Connection

Now for the big thank you!!! We thank Every signal Person who has came from Facebook,!!! Who has heard it through facebook , and Who has shared it and told there friends about it through Facebook!! we could have not done with out you guys!!! so Thank you!! facebook!! and Facebook friends!!! (Anime lovers!!! we love you)




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21 01 2011
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