Bamboo Blade – Manga by Masahiro Totsuka, Aguri Igarashi

19 01 2011

Bamboo Blade

Bamboo Blade


Bamboo blade is a manga that has Comedy, Martial Arts, School Life, Sports all in one. It`s great specially for me , because I love those type of Manga and Anime`s. Bamboo blade has became a Anime and a very well known one at that.I have seen most of the anime and now started the Manga hoping to compare both of them together and what not. There`s a totally of  13 Volumes, 108 Chapters, and  2677 Pages which is a lot to read but the way it`s been going for me , I think you can held it perfectly fine.

Believe it or not , but its still going. There have been nothing on it stopping or at least from what I personally have heard.

Here`s a link from Hulu to watch the Bamboo blade the  full series and seasons for free




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