Manga – New Pokémon series in Shonen Magazine in March

17 01 2011

“They did it!” thats what most Pokemon fans must be thinking about right now after hearing the new`s that the New Pokemon Series Black and White has made it in to the Shonen Sunday Magazine for this upcoming March. There were posters and flyers at the last event ” Jisedai World Hobby Fair Winter ’11”.

Pokemon - White & Black

Pokemon - White & Black

They had it in the February issue of Tsukuru magazine as well. It said last week that a Pokémon Manga will run in Shonen Sunday this spring to expand the market. Just recently they have been saying that Funimation and the company 4kids has been so focused on the games of Pokemon White and Black that they need to change there ways and expand is what they want as well as there need.

Currrently they have the anime/manga based on these new Pokémon games, has been airing in Japan since this September.This is going to be mostly aimed at younger readers for now.

The new pokemon games , are all new with all new pokemon , all new worlds , all new character`s and more. Most pokemon fans are excited for it and can`t wait to read the manga that is coming along with it.




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