Review – Death Note (Live Action Movie)

15 01 2011


Light with Death God

Deathnote Live Action Movie - Light Yagami , Death God - Ryuk

Death Note (Live Action Movie) – Death Note – I Am Justice

Death Note became a very well – known  Anime and Manga in america, when they started with Adult Swim the Television Channel. Now, They have Two Live Action Movies. As well as a “squeal” Live Action Movie. They all tell the interesting story of Light Yagami , with the Death Note and His Death God or his (shinigami).

Basically Boredom Can kill some one. Seriously, Boredom can hurt you.

Now, The start of this Movie Alone with the Anime and Manga goes a little like this..  Ryuk , (A Death God) casually drops his death note into the human world, with instructions on its use in the commonly used langue (English).Now , In the Books and The Anime the way They start are all different. In the Anime , The young Student Light Yagami , is going through his regular day of school when he finds in on the ground in the middle of his schools court yard. Now, In the movie its different but , I don`t want to spoil anything so Ill just tell you get ready for a different Start. Also , for those who never seen Death Note the Anime, Enjoy the beginning and try not getting lost.

OK! so The movie has lots of good points in it , and some points were little disappointments to me as a Anime fan. To start ill Tell you about the little Disappointment I found first and it lasted the whole movie.The characters are all japanese which , is great right? well not when they all talk in japanese and you want English Dub in stead of subtitles. So I got up and switched the movie to English Dubbed and when Everyone started talking , I have realized that everyone`s mouths were moving as if they were speaking in japanese then in English, so that leads me to believe that they all just dubbed over the Japanese Subtitle version to make it English.So, through out the entire move we had peoples mouths moving saying one thing and we heard another thing. I was disappointed because when you would watch there mouths of the people it would seem off and it was more like you had to listen and watch there actions but not watch them really speaking. Another thing that got to me was , there were a lot of bad words. Now, in the Manga there are many bad words if i remember correctly but in the Anime there were none. Again , When I saw the anime it was on TV Adult Swim so Im sure they cleaned it up instead of having people saying bad words on National TV.

For the good stuff was , how smooth the story line was and how great the movie all together was. I enjoyed the movie so much because it was close enough to the Anime and Manga but A little Different that kept me more interested compared to the other Anime Death Note Movies like “Death Note – Relight”. The Movie was not to long so it keep you wanting more , but not over filling you up!

They took the character`s well but could of been a little better when it came down to it. Such as Like L, . When they introduce him into the Scene they show him well , but when it comes down to the way he looks its as if he is a different person. At one scene they have L in shoe`s … yes Shoe`s no where in the entire Anime and Manga series they have L in shoe`s.

(Those Death Note fans must be freaking out when they saw that scene, and on top of that when he`s whering these shoe`s , its the first time L meets Light Yagmai. They meet in a dark place , compared to when in the anime they met at light`s school)

This truly must of killed some Anime fan`s when they saw that.

Death Note,  Screenshot Light, Ryuk

Death Note Live Action Movie - Screenshot Light, and Ryuk

They did a pretty good on Ryuk , specially for them trying to make him look as real as possible. At some scenes , he looks very computer-ish and digital not so real as much as I wanted it but in the dark scenes like when they first meet each other Light , and Ryuk. That scene was one of the best when it came to how Ryuk appeared and looked.I believe that they also rewrote  some key characters’ personalities. Which changed the feel from the Anime to the Manga as well as to the movie itself. Overall , They did a great job on pulling it together and showing that the Anime and Manga were great pieces of work.




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3 08 2011

Correction: In the Anime, when L and Light are at the University ceremony, L is in shoes.

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