Pokemon, Yu-gi-ho, are the force behind 4 kids Entertainment

14 01 2011

Four Kids Entertainment

Four Kids Entertainment

Just recently on  January 11,  Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Michael Goldstein, CEO plans to seek a new future or more opportunity. They are an international licensing business which,  is conducted mainly in children’s character works.

Basically, 4kids Entertainment want to take pride in finding what kids mostly like these days.

As well as the  Pokemon series, had played such a major role in the rapid growth of business operations and the company all together.

they say that pokemon had significantly changed the U.S. market for Japanese animation all together.Currrently though the series  “Pokemon” is a 2005 expiration date, as well as the series “Ninja Turtles” which is now on sale to Nickelodeon in 2009 is not a license. (anime/manga/cartoon)

Pokemon series

Pokemon Anime/Manga

The current news about  “Toonzai on CW 4Kids” is that it has a title with five hours of airtime, to broadcast children’s programs focus mainly Japanese animation.




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