Fanart – Misora Hoshimi

12 01 2011


 Misora Hoshimi

Misora Hoshimi - Fanart Wallpaper

Here`s a Fanart piece that was given permission to be used as a Fanart post on Animelovers411 The blog. This drawing was very well done , And I am personally friends with this individual who has completely shown us that hard work pays off. This person took there time in making this fanart because of there passion for Anime and there drive and inspiration of drawing.  here`s a quote from them:

“This is what i drew. This is just a close up view of Misora Hoshimi. Uhh…. i wont say much about it but her eyes now r red with light blue hair. She still has blue eyes in the beginning of the story and allz, but sumthin happened. I wont say wht  so yea. I made her in lolita clothes. Hope ya like. I’ll put up the full view now”

This Drawer is a very nice person , and when it comes down to it , They can draw Anime and manga. We hope that Animelovers411 Can help the Drawing Community and inspirer people like how this individual did. here`s the persons link to other fanart drawings. Enjoy and Thank you




2 responses

21 01 2011

This is an amazing picture! Great detail. I feel like I can look into her eyes and know what she’s feeling. She seem confident and modest and determined. Great job!!!

23 02 2011

The FanArt’s great,
I liked the eyes and the clothes type~
Congratulations for the drawer!

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