Air Gear – (Trailer) Its related to Parkour

11 01 2011

Air Gear – Parkour!

Air Gear

Air Gear Manga - ROCKS!

Watch Air Gear! Now

Anyone a fan of Parkour? Im sure there are people who love to jump of buildings climb high , and free run for a little? Well , let me tell you this Anime/Manga is so similar to those folks who do parkour out in the real world. If you love Prokour and the rush it gives you then let me tell you , your going to love this Anime. Here`s there official Japanese website of Air Gear. Here`s there trailer for those who don’t know what Air Gear is in the first place. If you don`t you don`t know what your missing out on then because Air Gear is a extreme Anime as well as a Manga. I’ve heard people say that the Manga is way better but to me that had to believe. Air Gear the Anime has a clear shot to the sky on my top lists of Anime and I hope I can convince you to try this Anime out. I understand if your not an Anime fan as much as a Manga fan then I’m pushing you to try out the Manga of it. You won`y regret it either it`s got a slice of Romance in it , along with fighting in gangs to free skating the sky.

Air Gear Trailer

Air Gear Trailer - Getting Started

Basically there are motor-powered inline skates called “Air Treks” that take the  extreme sport to a whole new level , They jump off buildings , walls , cars , to ramps anything you can thing of. It sounds like it was made to represent Parkour with them running through the cities and everything.

This Anime is a need to see, and a need to live. The manga and Anime come high up in the Anime community and It shows with the amount of work they have put into this series along with the amount of air they really get. I personally Enjoy this Anime and I’m currently still working on it, I hope to later move on to the Manga and see what that’s all about.




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