Sunrise – New Hero anime ‘Tiger & Bunny’ in late April

8 01 2011


Tiger & bunny - Anime

Tiger & bunny - New Anime in April

The Animation studio Sunrise Inc. will be sending out  a new animated TV series, Named  “Tiger & Bunny,” in late April 2011. There changing there ways with a interesting step of allowing real firms to sponsor characters in its main storyline. They are saying that Keiichi Satou (Karas director of the anime “The Big O character/mechanical designer) is helming the project that is assigned.

They have  Yoshihiro Ike (Blood: The Last VampireKarasDead Leaves) is making up the music. So far, “Tiger & Bunny” offers a different take on the “Normal” superhero genre along with it appealing to the fans of the show Batman and other superhero comics.It is creating the original character designs or at least they are trying to.

From the series “Wingman” and “Zetman” the  creator Masakazu Katsura has provided the basic/simple  designs for the series and want to prefect it before hand.They also have the famous TV drama writer Masafumi Nishida is in charge of the script.

Plot of the storyline

– The start of the series is about how there are two Superhero`s , one happens to be a veteran hero who is dealing with all kinds of personal difficulties and professional life problems.Were as the other, Superhero is a capable but unmanageable rookie. The two Superhero`s team up to fight crime then they often ending up going at each other. It is an action storyline mixed with humor, and an exploration of friendship.




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