Even Kids Cosplay?

31 08 2010

Kids Cosplaying Death Note

Cosplaying as Kids - Death Note Wallpaper Cosplay

Have you every seen Kids Cosplay before? Well , here a photo of  Two young kids Cosplaying As Popular Death Note Characters. One as L And the other as Light or Also known as Kira.What do you think about this? Do they even know what there doing? Do they even like Death Note? Are they to Young?Whats your view on this?

Me Personaly I think its Cute to see this, and funny as well im glad there`s anime lovers out there that are as small , and young as them.




3 responses

31 08 2010

HAHA Cute ^^

10 11 2010

haha how cuuute x)

10 11 2010

I know!!!

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