Bleach Captain – Soi Fong 2nd Divsion (Anime wallpaper)

29 08 2010

Anime Wallpaper Bleach- Captains

Anime Bleach Wallpaper

Captain Soi Fong, 2nd Divsion is a Bleach Anime character that was not really popular through out the series, She was not used as much as other Captains Such as Hitsugaya Toushirou, or Captain Chire, Senbonzakura. what do you think about this? do you agree with her not being used as much as the other Captains in bleach the anime? We love hearing from you guys so tell us! enjoy! Comment!




3 responses

31 08 2010

I really love Soi Fon !

2 09 2010

same here haha nice to meet you

2 09 2010

Soi Fon is awesome! She can be tough to like at first but the more you find out about her the more interesting she gets. Plus her power seems more than ideal for being a member (and commander) of the assassination squad.

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