Bleach Wallpaper – Fighting style (Boxing)

24 08 2010

Bleach Wallpaper Boxing

Bleach Wallpaper - Fighting Ring Boxing

This Wallpaper is all about , the remix if you want to call it that of the Bleach Series. This is like a Cross wallpaper but its more like a remake of a Anime Wallpaper. I would say that this is trying to symbolize boxer`s in New York City , or Gang Members in New York City.I enjoyed this wallpaper cause it was done , nice and creative , clean , and great to look at. Comment enjoy!




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24 08 2010


25 08 2010


24 08 2010

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OMG!!!!!! *saves amazing wallpaper*
Little brother, you’re the best!!! I love this wallpaper! Love it love it love it love it!!! 😀

25 08 2010

wow that was so entertaining to read no joke yoko-chan!!

24 08 2010
watch anime

Very cool bleach wallpaper thanks for sharing!

25 08 2010

no problem i also agree with you and thanks!! for reading my friend

30 11 2010

oooooooooooooooy love them :):):)

30 11 2010

same here!!

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