Naruto Wallpaper – Soul Eater (Cross)

22 08 2010

Soul Eater - Naruto (cross)

Naruto Wallpaper - Soul Eater (cross)

Here`s a wallpaper that was a Naruto and Soul Eater Cross, I personally love coming across an Anime Wallpaper that are cross mixed with another wallpaper.Its so amazing and interesting i could look at it for five minutes just taking it all in.I also personally love it when there my to favorite anime`s. How do you feel about Cross Anime Wallpapers? Do you wish you could make one or think of one? I know for sure i do! well, enjoy the photo , or image and comment. Thank you!




6 responses

22 08 2010

What do you guys think?? be honest be bold haha , be anything!! I believe that this image was very well , done and very successful and overall just clean! tell me what you guys think!!

22 08 2010

WOW where in hell u get this wallpaper it look so Amazing

23 08 2010

I found it haha , i find most of them it is awesome!! i love the cross type of wallpapers

23 08 2010

Uwa! This is awesome! Haven’t seen Soul Eater yet, but i am familiar with the plot and saw some picsof the characters. Great job!!!

23 08 2010

thanks so much haha i havent seen it yet either i hope its good ill have to try it haha

24 08 2010

Oh i’ve only heard good things about Soul Eater. I’ll definetly watch it! 😀

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