Anime Festival Orlando 11: Actor Tony Oliver

11 08 2010

Anime Festival Orlando 11 Coverage: Actor Tony Oliver Remembers Robotech Creator Carl Macek

This Youtube video was taken at the Anime Festival, Orlando 11 that happened just this past weekend.The Convention was a success and most fans , and animelovers enjoyed it very much.There were many Animelovers who cosplayed and bought anime mechanizes.The Actor Tony Oliver was a great guest for this anime convention and we all enjoyed his stories and panel it self.He is a popular voice actor and was very known.This video he talks about the creator of Robotech , Carl Macek .

From a personal point of view and an Animelover who was there in person , and watched this speech in person I would like to say that Tony Oliver was a great joy to watch and listen to.He kept your attention and also told you the good sides and the bad sides about becoming and being a voice actor.He said “Every thing in life has a good side to it and a bad side to it” showing how at times he enjoys his work but at times it turns into work more than anything.The convention was great and went smoothly fans were upset it had to end but in the end it was a success.Comment and enjoy.




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