Recommendations for Anime – Need help finding an anime?

9 08 2010

Need help finding an anime for you? one that fits you and interests you the most, or maybe one that well keep you at the edge of your site.Well don`t worry we can recommend an anime for you? or we can teach you how to recommend one for your self?

All you need is:

A pencil or pen

A piece of paper

And your self

Step 1

Look back at all the other anime`s you have watched , or started watching, decide what you do like and what you do not like about those anime`s.If is was an anime about Ninja`s and you didnt really like it because of that , then make sure you take account for that.Now , write down what you didnt like about all those anime`s on one side of the paper.Think about …… the plot… the ending and more….

Step 2

After , writing down all the things you didnt like about this anime, write down all the things you liked about those anime`s.Was it? the feel , or type of anime it was, was it? the location or the theme through out the anime ….. Many things make up an anime , so break it down in your head.

Step 3

Now, after doing all that you should have some what of an idea of an anime you would like to watch. slowly go throught the anime`s in your head and see what you can come up with …. was it a romance anime with a school setting you preferred? was it a fantasy anime that took place in outer space or on a desert? or was it a comedy anime with alot of laughs in it?

Step 4

Now , heres the last step , after getting all thoughs together now you have a general idea about what type , setting and feeling , the next anime you are going to want to watch.So , now you need to research it! yes this will take some time but your already half way there. Now , you can use the internet, you could ask a friend, you could even ask (me). Most importantly you try to use your setting , type and feel! to be the key words which you search it by. One , example is a Romance, School , and funny now some answers to that search or question could be , Ouran High School Host Club or something around those lines.

Thank you and  I hope this had helped find you an anime that was made just for you! if you need personal recommendations from someone just leave a comment and I personally well try to recommend you the best anime you have yet to find and see! enjoy and comment please thank you!




6 responses

9 08 2010

thanks a lot buddy 😀 you relieved my stress from choosing what to watch.. because there’s a bunch of anime spinning and crawling in my head and I dont know what to watch first because they are all good 😀

10 08 2010

no problem if you need any help then just ask my friend haha , and i know what you mean i want to watch a lot of anime`s cause there all so great , but i just need the time haha

10 08 2010

Hmm… That’s really interesting! However, for a lazy person like me, it would be troublesome to make a list, so i just started thinking and sort of doing all that in my head while looking at the list of animes i’ve watched. What i can wholeheartedly say is that i don’t like gore, i like romance, i like shinigamis and ninjas, i don’t like mecha, i like slice of life, i like comedies and i like yaoi. I think i like too many genres, right? 😀

11 08 2010

no way!! i like so many genres and i just think of it like this , its a whole other group of anime! , which mean that there`s even more great anime`s out there to watch that you well enjoy gosh i love it! and wow you do that all in your head? thats a lot for me.

11 08 2010

Oh i’m pretty sure i forgot many of them, but that’s pretty much what i could think of without making a list. 😀

12 08 2010

haha i hear yea , maybe im just to lazy when it comes to this stuff (laugh)

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