No More Manga! On!

29 07 2010

No More Manga On

Originally Posted by Zabi on the main site
It pains me to announce that this is the last week of manga reading on One Manga (!!). Manga publishers have recently changed their stance on manga scanlations and made it clear that they no longer approve of it. We have decided to abide by their wishes, and remove all manga content (regardless of licensing status) from the site. The removal of content will happen gradually (so you can at least finish some of the outstanding reading you have), but we expect all content to be gone by early next week (RIP OM July ’10).

So what next? We’re not really sure at this point, but we have some ideas we would like to try out. Until then, the One Manga forums will remain active and we encourage all of you to continue using them. OMF has developed into a great community and it would be a shame to see that disappear.

Regardless of whether you stay with us or not, on behalf of the One Manga team, I would like to thank you all for your unwavering support over the years. Through the ups and downs you have stuck with us, and that is what kept us going.

As a certain Porky was fond of saying… That’s all folks!

Time for me to go lay down and let this all sink in.

– Zabi

This was the post on explaining how this Manga sharing site , Are losing the most important part of the site. The MANGA! So do you believe that this is unfair?  to us Anime and Manga Readers? what are some of your feelings toward this ….. are you upset? how about frustrated? To me personally I think that this could help the Manga Interindustry. This is going to be at least one way of having money go and flow through the Anime and Manga community, but could also have a different affect on it completely.This so could change the Manga Fans for good , or even for bad. So what do you guys think?




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29 07 2010
Manga Therapy

I am upset, but it had to be done. Just wished publishers were smarter in putting out the flames much earlier than now.

You can read my thoughts about this at:

29 07 2010

thats so true i feel the same way , i mean at least this will help out the money flow you know? but still i would use so much like all the time reading new updates and new manga`s its like my life so im upset big time

ok ill check it out!!

30 07 2010

As i’ve said on the forum, i don’t like this. I don’t like it one bit. How am i supposed to get my hands on mangas from all the way here where i am (God forsaken country, somewhere in Europe)? It’s true, it would financially help, but it would also be a great step back for those manga fans too far from Japan or US (basically Asia and America).

30 07 2010

Tell me about it yoko , its crazy its totally going to have an affect on it.I just dont know if its going to go as a good affect or a bad affect to the manga industrially.Its also very unfair to the others who are not able to get there hands on it, like you said fans who are to far from japan and the USA.

20 08 2010

i when i hear onemanga going to close>my heart just broken into pieces T_T i love this site so much, this is the first manga site that i ever read

20 08 2010

i know what you mean its so said …. (sad face)

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