Cosplaying DeathNote – joke

14 07 2010

Death Note Cosplay - Image

Death Note Cosplay - Joke

A classic Cosplay joke , involving Death Note and there Three main characters.This joke was posted on the Animelovers411 Forum by a member and close personal friend , in fact her blog is also an Anime blog.I personally go there often to check up on things and  I also enjoy reading her posts and cosplays.The chibi style of this art and the clean look attacrts more then just a viewer but sometimes a supporter or a fan (an anime lover!).




4 responses

14 07 2010

He he! I’m glad you liked it just as much as i did when i found it! And i’m also glad you read my blog. 😀

14 07 2010

haha of course I read your blog i love it , and your right this wallpaper / comic / joke is really great

24 07 2010

Haha lol at L’s pic totally epic.

29 07 2010

tell me about it haha , nice to meet you haha i love death note

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