Naruto Shippuden – ScreenShot , naruto`s close up

2 07 2010

Naruto main character screooncap

Naruto - Screenshot

Naruto – The main character, for both series is a young proud and different type of person then others.His life dream is to become the best in his village and become an honorable Ninja. This Screen-cap. of Naruto just shows the determination in his face and the way he feels toward completing his goals and being the best.I enjoyed this Screenshot because it had more feelings and emotion then most of them do.




2 responses

2 07 2010

You’re so right. Naruto’s expression here is so tense that you can actually feel something’s about to happen. Great job!

3 07 2010

Thanks , and im glad you felt the same way with it , i mean its just so predictable but also so great at the same time you know

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