Air Gear – Screenshots

25 06 2010

Air Gear - character

Air Gear - character

Air Gear main character

Air Gear- Itsuki "Ikki" Minami,

Here are some screenshots of Air Gear and the characters.Ikki is  a delinquent and a normal highschool student , Also known as the “Unbeatable Babyface”.The reason for him getting that nickname is because he picked a fight with a group named Skull Saders.The main thing about Air Gear is about Air Trecks, and teams who use them to get farther ahead in this game or life style.




2 responses

25 06 2010

It sounds really interesting and the graphics looks great! Ikki seems to be an interesting character. 😀

25 06 2010

yea for sure , and thanks haha im trying to make better screenshots like high quality and stuff and ikki is for sure like he has this i dont care who you are attitude its really great haha i enjoy it

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