Air Gear Opening Theme Song – #1

24 06 2010

This song is the Air Gear Opener , I really enjoyed this song and I wanted to share it with you as well.Through out this song it just felt like it was moving forward ,and the singing has a great feel to it as well.At one point it felt like a song from orange range.I also enjoyed how there was Japanese and English through out it.It just makes me want to sing along.I recommend this song for sure.




4 responses

25 06 2010

very cool one liked it 🙂

25 06 2010

yea i love it it has feeling in it and just is a great song thanks for commenting

25 06 2010

This makes me want to go watch Air Gear! I just have to finish Kuroshitsuji first. Air Gear is definetly next! I do have it on my “Plan to watch list” anywayz. 😀

25 06 2010

totally haha well you know my next one after air gear haha , im excited and i enjoy it a lot i hope you do to haha

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