Naruto and Sasuke – There goals

21 06 2010

Naruto and sasuke

Naruto, Sasuke Shippuden - wallpaper

The amount of emotion and pain in this wallpaper shows the feelings for each of them.There both looking for something, one is looking for his best friend the other is looking for more power.They both need to go there own ways but they both find them selfs in the same direction , and closer and closer.I enjoyed this wallpaper and felt that it showed a story more then a picture of to characters, I think that the blood means that they would do anything to get what they want , even if its through blood and violence.what do you guys see?




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22 06 2010

Well since my primary occupation (talking about blogging 😀 ) is finding and posting good, high quality wallpapers, i couldn’t have passed over this post without saying anything. 😀 First of all, i love the wallpaper! The way it’s done, the colors, their expressions, Sasuke’s broken glass / chidori – side and most of all, the fact that i haven’t seen it anywhere before. He he! Yes, i believe the blood means they’d do whatever it takes to achieve their goals too and it gives a certain dramatic feeling to the whole picture.

22 06 2010

Thanks so much haha!! , well i love all your wallpapers on your blog just saying but anyways this wallpaper was different then most and i really enjoyed that most about this one , also the fact that it was rare meant alot to me.Blood is Blood but when its between both sasuke and naruto then that means that there friendship and bonds are deep, overall it was a great wallpaper and I loved analyzing it.

22 06 2010

Yeeeees! Now i remember! It reminds me of the Naruto Shippuuden: Bonds movie! It would have been so perfect for that movie. It would have represented it so well!

22 06 2010

for sure that was my fave movie out of most , and the naruto move in the cold and snow , it was like clash of the ninja or something

4 09 2010

oooouuhhh cool man!!!

5 09 2010

i totally agree with you

9 12 2010
carlleonel ferrando


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