Johnny Yong Bosch- Voice Actor

17 06 2010

Johnny Yong Bosch is a very well known american Voice Actor for many Anime`s , Manga`s and more. He was born on  January 6, 1976, in Kansas City, Missouri. Johnny has used his Voice Talent to bring theses anime`s and video games and more to life and with out this Voice Over  Talent we would not know what to do.He was best known for his voice acting job in many was also by portraying:

And Much More ….

Johnny Yong Bosch - Voice Actor

Voice Actor - Johnny Yong Bosch

This Voice Actor got into voice acting through a movie flaw at the time. After filming an entire movie, described by himself as a “stunt action” movie,almost  all of his audio was lost at one point or another. After overdubbing his lines a few times, the producer told him he had a good “hero” voice.

He did more anime Voice Acting :

and much more….

Heres some links

Johnny`s career as a voice actor was a success and still is , The anime community thanks him.




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17 01 2011
Josee Joselyn gallegos ibarra

Hey johnny can i please be in your show i was born in kansas to but wichita.i love ichigo so much and i aleays dream of being in bleach and be ichigos child hood friend whos an espada number 1 so can i call me at 316- 409- 7345 or visit me in wichita kansas please i really need this im a big fan and this is my only wish and to stand by your side. i liv at 1222 west 2nd street.pleease tell tite kubo im begging im 13 years old.

17 01 2011
Josee Joselyn gallegos ibarra

Please notify immediatly johnny and happy b-day both of my cousins r dead so please johnny notify me so i can go to japan please i promised my dead cuzins…..!

19 01 2011
josee ibarra gallegos

hi johnny reply me or call me soon.

19 01 2011
josee ibarra gallegos

i want to be in bleach ok

26 01 2011
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