Death Note – Light Yagami

13 06 2010



This is the Main character , of the Death Note anime series.

Light- He is a very smart individual and is at the top of his class.He feels that the world is a bad place , old and just not clean.He always feels board and tends to study all the time.

light soon becomes kira by using the Death Note to kill people in less then a minute.Light uses the Death Note in order to bring peace and justices to the world and to clean it up.He starts by killing only people with a jail record and moves on…..

He uses his head to plan , think out , and operate against L , Near and Mello put together.
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5 responses

14 06 2010

lol i wish if i had a death note…hahaha don’t wanna sound bad but theres people u really need to get rid

14 06 2010

I hear you for sure

14 06 2010

I here You , But then again everyone needs to have a fair chance at life , unless they miss it up of course

14 06 2010

haha those people am talking about are people u know that even if u give them a chance they’ll miss it..don’t you want the world to live in peace lol??

14 06 2010

Oh I get you now , well yea but what if you were one of them but you never realized it you know

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