wallpaper -naruto and sasuke`s storyline

12 06 2010


naruto and sasuke

The long story line between Naruto and Sasuke and there friendship, was a long conflict and part of the storyline overall.I found this wallpaper and felt that it would be perfect to show to you anime lovers because it shows the deepness and painful bonds and live of there friendship slip away slowly.This picture shows the sadness that comes to them , and the feeling of regret all in one , with the blood and the sad look on there faces.
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16 responses

12 06 2010

i love this wallpaper..and it really shows the deepness and painful bond of their friendship..

12 06 2010

yea totally , thanks for commenting to

it just has more emotion in the picture then you would think it would you know

1 07 2010

that is true peace with no PAIN

2 07 2010

nice and simple i see , and nice to meet you as well

14 06 2010
lukia schiffer

i really like those guy …their bond it’s really deep……
that’s really sad if their killing each other

14 06 2010

yeah , I cant believe that they would take it that far you know , they were a great part of the story line to

16 06 2010

yeah totally right..i don’t want them to fight why sasuke cant just understand

17 06 2010

yea i think sasuke is being very disagreeable about the whole thing

30 06 2010

nice picture!!! its so cool

30 06 2010

thanks and nice to meet you

15 08 2010

the last chapter should haci finished,,, a war that shows his hate sasuke and naruto demuetra the value of fight with sasuke … and that the two are equal x,, sasuke with eternal Charing with fox naruto nine tails … that’s my opinion … I am a foreigner but not fluent in English …

16 08 2010

That’s so awesome and very nice to meet you!! There fights are always so intense!

28 10 2010

Tell me that didn’t actually happen……..:’0

6 11 2010

ist das ende von naruto er tötet sasuke das ist scheize

17 01 2011

This is a great walpaper best i have seen on the name of frindship

18 01 2011

Yes I have to agree with you on that

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