Princess Mononoke- Review

4 06 2010


princess mononoke


princess mononoke was a history mark for young and old animelovers, As young adults , and kids this was there first Anime Movie.This Movie was was published in 1997 as a Japanese release.The setting of this movie was based in a little village , with the main character named  Ashitaka. He got into trouble at a early time in the movie and they are brought to the conflict by then.

Ashitaka is wounded on his arm,when a giant boar demon attacking his village.This was the one of the main conflicts that took place earlier in the movie.

An Amazing Fact: One of the voice actors for princess Mononoke was a famous singing for the punk band called simple plan.Billy Bob Thornton was the voice actor for the character , Jigo/Jiko Bou.

This movie , became a stepping stone to other great anime and idea`s.This movie became popular through the common channel viewings on cartoon network.



princess mononoke


The style of this anime movie was original , clean and full of action.There were many parts in this movie that had blood.This movie is more serious compared to other anime movies, its full of mysterious and hidden secrets, that by the end it all comes together.I highly recommend to watch this anime movie , this is the true many of an anime movie.




2 responses

17 06 2010

this movie is just too awesome…XD

18 06 2010

tell me about it whats your favorite part? i have so much its like the movie

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