Steamboy The Movie – Review

1 06 2010

steam boy screenshot Steamboy was a classical and start of many anime movies at this time. Steamboy was placed in the setting of the eighteen century through the nineteenth century.During this time frame , the producers tried hard to put the characters and plot into the right setting.If you ask me they hit there goals , and achieved it perfectly.I was Very impressed with the lay out of this anime movie and also with the graphics and art.I understand that this was a very large amount of time that was put into this , and also it was done in such detail.

The amount of Action , steam and fire that are used in this anime movie are insane compared to other anime movies. This movie lacked the average feel compared to most, I did not say that this was a bad thing cause it is not.In fact, this is a great thing , I sure there are people out there who hope to find a anime movie that is not the same compared to most , like unique.Well , i recommend this anime movie for you then its different and set in a different time frame , but is full of anime action , and major twists in the storyline.

This anime movie has a basic plot in the start, but as the story progresses it gets deeper and deeper.On top of that you discover new things as well , which by the end of the movie you have the whole storyline full to the details stuck in your head.




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