Kekkaishi – New AdultSwim Anime

31 05 2010

Last night Around 12:30 there was a New anime that showed, this was the start of the anime for Adult Swim and was a success compared to other anime`s that they had shown at other times.

Kekkaishi new anime

Adult swims new anime

This Anime Had a great starting episode in my opinion.The intertesting feature of this episode was the fact that they started this episode with the main character and the setting about four years back.When , the end of the episode or the last ten minutes came up during this episode there was a time jump if you want to call it that from the main characters childhood to his teenage years.In fact it brought him up tile his eighth grade year at the age of 14.

Another , Great thing about this episode or  premier was how in the beginning of the episode they taught you things or key points about the series  and how things work.An example is how they Elements of this technique that they use:

  • Hoi
  • Joso
  • Zekkai
  • Kai
  • Metsu
  • Tenketsu
  • Ketsu
  • Shinkai
And more
My personal opinion about this anime is how , i feel like it would or will become a great , anime if they do it right. Just , recently i was talking to a buddy of mine, we both watched it last night and both disagreed on things and agreed on things one , item that stuck out was the squares they use.My buddy says that this anime could be lame if its only going to be about squares and boxes.He also was talking about how they then need to spice it up a little.Now, i partly agree with that , it would be great if they do not use as much boxes or squares in it because that could get old I am sure.Now, I think this anime could became very popular such as Naruto or bleach , or even code Geass, now i understand that we are just watching another anime that was from japan but if we do get to change it up then that could be interesting.Overall it is planning to be a great anime and I will be supporting it all the way.Thank you adult swim and everyone.



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