Where to read manga …best ?

26 05 2010

The question that bugs everyone is where could I read manga and how can I find the best sites that have all type`s of manga. Well here they are , its a list of  sites that you could read , some could even download and share your manga`s.



MangaFox.com updates there manga`s on a time to time , day to day time-frame.There latest updates for anime could be up to an hour or two between each other. Example –

Black BirdVol.04 Ch.015 Today 8:59pm
Tokyo no CasanovaVol.02 Ch.006 Today 8:59pm
Devil and Her Love SongVol.05 Ch.031 Today 7:29pm
Devil and Her Love SongVol.06 Ch.034 Today 7:19pm
Devil and Her Love SongVol.05 Ch.033 Today 7:19pm

This was one of there updates today, which means that they know how to update there material often.This is a plus for most readers.This sites interface , is very simple and easy to work with when wanting to read your favorite anime.This is also has a great loading system which means that the pages load fast in order to make the reading experience fun and enjoyable.they have they the option to bookmark your pages and they also give you access to  there forum. there manga dictionary is full with many popular and less popular manga`s , giving you many options and freedom.

Manga Volume

Mangavolume.com has manya features and improvements then the others theres , up sides and down sides to this site. A positive side of this manga site is how you could upload your own manga comic`s , so if you want to host them there you could. Another , up side to this manga community site is the community it self , they give you access to there fourm and community to make friends , share manga`s , opinion and more. The interface of this website is a nice clean look , it sometimes slows down, the page load on this site is not the fastest which could turn away some fans or members but overall if you want to make new friends and read your favorite manga then this is the place to go to.

One Manga

Onemanga .com is also another site I recommend for reading manga online. This site is very popular and they hold up to there name and expectations.They have hit there goals and most of the time they update there comic`s on time and they are able to perform.This site has a fast loading page and also works on mobile phones or iPod touches or iPhone.They have a great interface and there very well known for there manga.they update using days not like mangafox which , updates in hours. they are able to request for manga`s on this site.


  • Do not need to spend money to read the latest manga
  • Do not need to waste your time
  • Do not need to leave the house to read the latest

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2 responses

17 06 2010

yup yup these are pretty cool sites i looove mangafox my favorite..

18 06 2010

I rather go to one manga but there all great

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