Lets Discover new Anime/Manga Music

26 05 2010

This post is on some anime and manga songs that I would recommend for people to enjoy.Most people could put it on there Ipods or mp3 players and more.The point of this post is to inform you guys about new Anime and Manga songs that you might of heard of , or might have not.  First, is a band that did a song for naruto`s ending, (Naruto Ending 14 Ore Ska BandPinocchio).They also made another ending for the popular anime Bleach.

Ore Ska Band

This is a Japanese ska band , that are known as an all-female ska band from Sakai, Japan.There are six members of this group and they all have a different talent, with there combine talent they make a full ska band. There band name, “ore ska band,” literally translates in to “we’re (a) ska band”.They started there band while they were all in middle school , in 2003.

Ore Ska Band Soon after middle  school the band members graduated from high school and toured in the United States.On top of all that in April 2007,one of their songs named ,  Tsumasaki was featured as the 11th ending for the anime Bleach.These young teenage girls are touring around the world and more.

This group got noticed by a performing in a commercial advertising a favorite Japanese snack. Little did they know that they would become major stars at the end of the day and have there music recorded and published in a few Anime series ending.

A ska band consists of a drummer, a bass player , guitar player , a trombone  player , a trumpet player , and a sax player.They could switch around as many times as they want , from tenor sax to alto sax , or two trumpets and a trombone but the basic needs are those.

Album: Ore Ska Band

ore ska band Some of there songs :

1.  Believe

2. chameleon

3.  chuck

4. pinocchio

5. Tsumesaki

Those were some songs that you might enjoy and i highly recommend them. Number four, is one of the songs that they had an anime use , the anime was Naruto and it was used for a ending.This song was a fast beat song and was a short one compared to most of them.


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