Second AMV ….Im getting there

26 05 2010

This is my second (AMV) I have received many comments and ideas and feedback in general, but I realized that my close friends were right , They believe that my AMV`s were made and full of hard work , but lacked content or a storyline.They also said that the music did not really fit with the type of anime it was , and the art style.I had much fans of my last AMV and I am very proud that all them support me.Thank you guys, but I also feel like i need to learn to imporve and make a greater impact on the AMV world out there.Things i have learned

  • Stronger storyline
  • Make it flow
  • Music fit with anime
  • Work  Harder

“Strong content is the key to success”

I hope you enjoy this second AMV , I tryed to make it all fit and work , I am still a newbie to this stuff but I love a challenge. Thank you Everyone




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