Undercover Character- Bleach

24 05 2010

In the storyline of bleach , there a character named Chad , Chad is type of character who likes to be quiet , and stay to him self. Chad changed in many way , he didn’t become very out going but he became more out spoken and more comfortable around his friends.

Chad also became more stronger , as often as Chad need the support of his friends in a battle with a common hollow or a bigger threat. Chad him self became more powerful and learned to control and master his powers.

Chad is not the main character of bleach but I personaly feel that he needs some honor and respect , yes the producers made some episodes mainly focused on him , and his fights , and yes they show him in main episodes always helping out his friends such as inchigo. Now, in my mind that’s not enough. This character , Chad had alot of character development and I feel he needs to be showcased more because of that. Overall Chad is a strong indepent man and shows character and respect every episode.




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