The Spread of Anime…..

21 05 2010

Anime has been around for many years , maybe even millions of years. Some questions these days that people have are like how did anime become so popular and how did it grow? and why did it spread all around the world.Well , Anime spread because of people. Yes, people i know that might sound to simple but its the truth. People theses days are the main force behind everything , when i mean everything i mean everything. From , running and operating the internet, the media and the tv, and much more. Not only tech. things but also physical and daily routines  things , such as jobs / careers and even house hold responsibility`s. Now you must be saying why are we talking about people , well people are the viewers, the fans , the force behind Anime. See, Without people , it means that theres no fans , no viewers and then theres no anime.Ok, so we got this far now , now we all know that with no views you cant have a popular anime , well yea thats true but anime spread by many things. Heres the meat of this topic , Anime has an appeal to views for many reason one might but because of its graphics or artwork , or animation if you want to call it that and another might be because of the plot and the deepness of the story line. see , some people believe those two things are the heart and soul of anime , well I have no room to say other wise but , these to pieces of the anime could be the main point`s or reasons or greatest appeals to attracting  fans and viewers.Which means that , that could be the main reason for its popularity and its spread maybe even around the world. Now, after stating this recent material , there`s even more reasons why anime spread as fast as it did and as far as it did. What are these reasons ? you might ask well, there from the internet. You must be confused at this point well don t be let me explain. The internet has all these chat, networking , social , news websites just so many of these sites . Well, once Anime hit one of those social networking sites , for example twitter , or Facebook , or Myspace the spread of anime increase dramatically.In moments , news , rumors , opinions, and more spread through these sites which made anime spread widely.As , soon as that happened stores started selling items of anime world wide , due to this out blast of news and more on this new culture.

Anime spread through out the world , anime soon became a new type of trend and a new common item or culture. These soon had an impact on the economy due to all of the sale`s and items being sold. Inverters came along as soon as they saw the raise in sales and income company’s would earn. As Anime spread ideas spread , which means that these anime`s had influenced many people from all ages.For Example Death note , there had been story’s about how death note was trying to be ban, because students brought in a note book which he called a death note and wrote down student and teacher names. These types of things soon started to affect the schools and parents that were involved. Overall anime brought many things to this world , the spread of it was due to many things and events that lead anime this far. Anime has impacted many people`s lives still up to today and anime has became a new culture from some places or people and a hot trend in many areas`s of the world. I personalty will stand by anime my whole life and would love to help anime grow into better and greater things, us as the people spread anime , now lets make it grow and evolve.

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2 08 2011

Very nice post and very great job in describing how anime came through all these years.

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