Patrick Seitz – Voice Actor for Durarara!!

11 07 2011

This character is a surprisingly peaceful and calm person when he talks to people he likes seeing people get along and even helps others when they need it. In the third episode you see that, at one point you would think that he would be mean with his reply but instead he changes things around. He always has problems getting costumers to his shop and all everyday.



Here is the Voice Actor for  Simon Brezhnev , one of the  Main characters for the anime series Durarara!! This character`s name was Simon Brezhnev. He was the chief in the series, that is germen and is a good guy.he is known to be  one of the owners of the Russia Sushi Bar. The costumers all believe that the food there is horrible and they run away from the place when he tries handing out coupons and fliers for it all.

Simon Brezhnev

Simon Brezhnev

DeadMan Wonderland – Trailer (short)

4 07 2011

Here is the trailer to “DeadMan Wonderland, I have personally started this Anime and loved it from the start. It really knows how to put you into the show, and the emotions that goes with it and all. It takes the main character and puts him in a situation that people would only dream about that could happen to them. The amount of blood that is used in this Anime is out of this world. They use the blood as a weapon and everything.

Deadman Wonderland Manga ,  Anime

Anime and Manga Deadman wonderland

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: The Conqueror Of Shamballa Movie

8 05 2011

Animenode, sore o shinjite watashi no jinseidesu

FMA New Movie

The Conqueror Of Shamballa

Here is the New Anime Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Movie that is going to be coming out very soon, in this summer 2011. We are extremely excited for this to come out and can not wait until we get our hands on it. We hope you guys are just as excited as we are. This Anime/Manga is going to be viewed more and more due to this New Movie.

Matt and Mello Cosplay – Crossplay

24 04 2011

Death Note Cosplay

Matt and Mello Cosplay

Here`s a Cosplay of both Matt and Mello cosplay or to be more accurate cross-playing as these character`s. I hope you enjoy this Image of them cosplaying as much as I did. They really went all out to get this picture all exact and everything. Very impressed with what is going on and everything. There will be more cosplay pictures of them over at Animelovers411 Life Connection . Enjoy both blogs, the other one is updated more often then this one as well. 

Animelovers411 Vlog #1

9 04 2011

Here`s Animelovers411 Vlog there will be more updated soon, here`s there first one there hoping and trying to get better each one they do. its suppose to be humor`s and represent Animelovers411 and the Anime Community.

Japanese Manga – Naruto/Sasuke Wallpaper

2 04 2011


Kakashi in Watercolor

Kakashi and sasuke like old times

Sasuke and his master, in a wallpaper is always so awesome and exciting even if there not doing much and all.

Aquarion Opening 1 – Sousei No Aquarion

29 03 2011

Sousei No Aquarion , Opening 1 is one of my favorite anime openers out there as of right now. It`s great how interesting it sounds and when I`m watching it , I don`t get bored of it or want to fast forward it.

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